Social Service League

The Social Service League of Pallavan School has undertaken projects such as Swachh Bharat campaign, child labour and the students associated with it at regular basis do inspection of classes and school premises to look after cleanliness.

In the month of September, due to the efforts of Social Service League, our students contributed 100 books and 350 pair of clothes to the underprivileged children to support the cause of government.

The teachers-in-charges Mrs. Rekha and Mr. Krishna Mohan have gone to meet the residents of nearby village Munderi under the village adoption programme. The native people were briefed about the initiatives that will be undertaken along with NGO, Ritinjali for women at grass root level that will enable women to develop skills and capability to stand on their own feet and make them self reliant. Training related to tailoring, handloom and pipe fitting would be imparted to the dwellers.


In today’s world, Information Technology is a key component in the success of any country. Unfortunately, the cost of education to acquire computer related skills prevents the poor and underprivileged children from availing these skills which are in demand.

Pallavan School is striving to bridge this gap by offering IT related training to underprivileged children through Computer Vocational Training Centre which is running during evening time in the premises. The main objective of the proposed project which is being executed by school’s sister concern, Ritinjali, an NGO is to provide computer training to the underprivileged with focus on computer literacy. The classes are being taken by Mr. Sher Singh Jhala. Taking a step forward, we would like to emphasize on creating opportunities for the children to develop technical /vocational skills that will enable them to be self-sufficient and secure more job opportunities.