School Profile

Pallavan Jhalawar is growing up in phases on a beautiful, pollution free and lush green landscape of 10 acres of land. All systems in school are geared to what is best for the children. Things like an open door policy where there are no restrictions for anyone to come and meet anyone in school, making positive phone calls to parents, pastoral system, a specially designed curriculum and a dynamic and individualized assessment pattern.

We also try and develop a culture of Indianness. There is emphasis on equality and self esteem. At present we have classes from Playgroup to XII. All three streams i.e. Science, Commerce, Humanities are offered.

Pallavan’s Endeavour is to motivate each child by helping them learn the right skills and abilities and also by giving them ample opportunities to display these skills. This facilitates the early establishment of a positive self image, a feeling of self worth and a positive view of learning. The environment at Pallavan, the interaction with the children, the activities planned are conductive to doing just that.


Actualise potential - In the context of education this implies acknowledging the uniqueness of every individual and celebrating rather than standardising it. Basically, nurturing every individual to discover who they really are, in order for them to actualise their innate unique potential.

Live in coherence with nature - While celebrating individuality, it is critical, especially with today's environmental issues to understand with humility, our place in nature and the need to have a symbiotic relationship with it.

Make life worth living - In preparing for life it must first be felt that life is worth living. The purpose of education is also to develop an awareness of and excitement for the unending experiences that life has to offer.

Make high quality decisions - The impact of an education can truly be seen in the choices an individual makes. A good education enables a person to make conscious choices towards a well chosen life.

Become good human beings - Good education is beyond mere accumulation of knowledge. Its lies in whether it makes one a good human being and to do so, one must learn to look beyond oneself.