Asia-Pacific Schools Initiative

The Asia – Pacific Schools Initiative is a unique Secondary School-level programme that aims at creating a network of future leaders out of school students from the Asia-Pacific Region, by nurturing in each one of them the capacity to exercise leadership through serene strength.

Organized by the Centre for Escalation of Peace (CEP), this 10 month programme seeks to equip students with the core skills and watermarks to enable one to lead with inner calm and equanimity, by building on the core shared values of the Asia- Pacific community.

The Asia-Pacific Schools Initiative is an educational platform being convened by the Centre for Escalation of Peace (CEP) comprising of multiple programmes, targeted at both school students and teachers that collectively aim at creating a network of future leaders for the region, developing and nurturing in each one of them the capacity to exercise “Leadership through Serene Strength”.

It is envisaged that the participants in the Asia-Pacific Schools Initiative, both students as well as teachers, will create a positive change in themselves as well as in the local and global environment that they are stakeholders in.

This programme will enable them to lead with inner calm and equanimity by building on the common values and shared culture of the Asia-Pacific community. Moreover, it will celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of the various local contexts.

In this context, first phase of the programme has been completed in Pallavan School which started from March 17 and culminated on March 29. Various activities and workshops were organized by Mr. Gaurav on Leadership, on Stress Management by Mrs. Dilreen; Mrs. Shalu gave first hand input to all participants on Visual art. Along with them Dr. Saroj and Mrs. Nitya Ram were constantly there with participants to guide them and facilitate them in their journey of becoming true leaders who know their potential and ways to work for betterment of society. Mr. Arun Kapur founder of pallavan school and pioneer of APSI also visited the school during the commencement of programme. A session for Asia Pacific students and teachers along with Pallavan teachers was undertaken by Mr. Arun Kapur that was highly interactive and shed light on various aspects of education,significance of team building and facets of worthy leader through different anecdotes.